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The 20th Annual Indigenous Law Conference

November 9-10, 2023

East Lansing, MI

Registration Now Open

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Each year, the contributions from champions, supporters and sponsors help make the Indigenous Law Conference possible. Thank you!

Book Your Stay

Marriott East Lansing is offering a special group rate for the conference. Click "book your room" below to book before October 10th and receive the group rate. 

About the Art & Artist

In 2007 the Indigenous Law and Policy Center asked Zoey Wood-Salomon for two paintings. One painting to be used for the 4th annual Indigenous Law Conference and the other for the ILPC generally. Ever since, we’ve used original Native art for our programs and posters. Visit Turtle Talk to see art through the years. 

Artist Biography

My name is Crystal Lynn Dugi. I am the owner of Crystal L Dághaa’ii, an art business specializing in painting, digital design and crafting. I currently reside in Tonalea, AZ. I’ve been creating art for over a decade now. I first started to combat Bipolar Disorder anxieties and symptoms. It’s been a healing journey and I am always looking forward to sharing my creations and sharing my story.

Work Summary

The following piece is called Bloom. It is a visual representation of a zen feeling. I believe it is important to create art to evoke feelings and emotions that are beneficial to the viewer. I love to create visuals with comforting aesthetics and colorful images. I love the idea of blooming. We are all flowers of earth and we are continuously growing. To bloom means to be in a state or time of beauty. Life is beautiful and the more we share our lives, the more beautiful we can make the world.

Thank you 2023 sponsors!

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