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An Overview

An Indigenous Law Conference was an obvious priority when the ILPC was established in 2003. A collaborative partnership with TICA in 2015 allows the Indigenous Law Conference to be a cutting edge event led by those in the field, In-House Counsel: some of the most important people working for tribal self-governance.

These annual conferences have been hosted at Michigan State University. Due to COVID-19 the conference is now streamed entirely online.

Today, the conference’s main goal is to provide useful information for Tribal In-House Counsel. In the past, conferences have centered on a variety of themes.

Our conference is diverse in topics, gender, race, and art. Keynote speakers have included assistant secretaries, former chairman of the National Indian Gaming Commission, federal judges, tribal judges, and former Interior Solicitor. Three of our proceedings have been published as books (Indian Child Welfare Act Conference, collected at MSU Press; Indian Civil Rights Act Conference, collected at UCLA, American Indian Studies Press; and American Indian Law and Literature, collected by American Indian Law Review). 

The ILPC/TICA Indigenous Law Conference gives new and interesting scholars a forum, provides students an opportunity to meet professionals in the field, and promotes Indian Law within our law school, Michigan State University, the State of Michigan, and beyond.

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