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Indigenous Law Conference 2020

Hosted by the Tribal In-House Counsel Association and the Indigenous Law and Policy Center at Michigan State University


DAY 3 - November 13

1-2:30pm ET
(1.5 Elimination of Bias CLE)
Voting Rights and the 2020 Election

Panel 5: The law governing voting rights, both statutory and constitutional, protect the rights of Native people to vote in state and federal elections.  Panelists will provide updates, both legal and practical on Native voting rights.


  • Katherine Belzowski, Navajo Nation Department of Justice

  • Patty Ferguson-Bohnee, ASU Law School & Sacks Tierney

  • Natalie Landreth, Native American Rights Fund

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3-4:30pm ET (1.5 CLE)
The McGirt Decision


Panel 6: The Supreme Court’s ruling in McGirt v. Oklahoma, 591 U.S. __, 140 S. Ct. 2452 (2020), marks a tremendous affirmation of Muscogee Creek treaty rights as well as a shift in the Court’s approach to key legal texts affecting Tribal sovereignty, powers, and responsibilities. This panel offers perspectives from Muscogee Creek’s lead advocate before the Supreme Court, a scholar and professor of Federal Indian law, and the chief in-house counsel from another of one of the Five Tribes.


  • Riyaz Kanji, Partner, Katzen & Kanji P.L.L.C.

  • Dylan Hedden-Nicely, Director, Native American Law Program, University of Idaho College of Law

  • Sara Hill, Attorney General, Cherokee Nation

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