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How to join us on Zoom

Although Zoom can be accessed from the internet browser, we highly encourage you to download Zoom.  You will need the downloaded version of Zoom to have full access to Zoom features during the conference.

      Sign Up  

All attendees need a Zoom account.

Go to

Sign up is free!

Sign up using your email address  

Check your email for a confirmation to complete the account. 



Downloading is needed to join a session and access Zoom features.


Go to
Download is free!

Click the “Download” button for Zoom Client Meetings

Once the download is complete, click on the ZoomInstaller.Exe file to finish installing.


      Join Us 

Register for the conference.

You will receive a password to the Participant Portal

You will find the Zoom links here when they become available.

Check your email before the event

Reminders will be sent with Portal and Zoom details.


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