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Geared toward providing service and resources to attorneys who provide legal services directly to Tribes and Tribal Governments, the Tribal In-house Counsel Association connects members and provides both a forum and community for Tribal Government legal issues.

TICA was formed in 2012 out of the growing Tribal in-house type of practice structure.  More and more Tribes find either through governmental need or for cost-effective solutions that they need an internal legal structure in addition to any law firm issue-specific representation.  While there are several legal associations geared for Tribal practitioners in general, TICA focuses on issues and practices specific and unique to lawyers employed directly by a Tribal Government, Tribal Enterprise, or other similar entity.

Tribal In-House Counsel Association

​ILPC The Indigenous Law and Policy Center (ILPC) at MSU Law is one of a handful of Indigenous law certificate programs in the United States. Our dual mission is to increase the number of Native lawyers and train lawyers in Indigenous law. ILPC alumni work across Turtle Island in practice settings that range from small and large tribes, major law firms, non-profits, and the federal government.

The ILPC faculty is at the forefront of Indian law issues, and is also a proud partner of the Tribal In-House Counsel Association.

Indigenous Law and Policy Center

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