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Frequently Asked Questions

Training Material

I want to receive Continued Legal Education credits, how do I do that? 

CLE credits have been approved by the Minnesota Board of Continued Legal Education. After the conference, the CLE event code and form will be posted to the Participant Portal.


You must self report CLE credits to your jurisdiction. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate the CLE needs of each state. We apologize for the inconvenience. If your state requires further information for CLE approval, please see the Participant Portal.

Will the presentation material be available?

Yes. Most presentation materials will be available online after the conference here on the Participant Portal.


Will the sessions be recorded and available?

The sessions are being recorded and will be made available on the Participant Portal. 


How do I download and use Zoom?

Refer to this How to Join Us On Zoom guide then sign up and download Zoom. While Zoom is accessible from an online browser without an account, we recommend signing up and downloading Zoom to have access to all Zoom features during the training, such as polls.

I want to join the Indigenous Law Conference. How do I join?

First, sign up and download Zoom. Then click on each Day's schedule, where you will find the Zoom Webinar button to join. If you registered for the conference, you also received the Zoom Room link by email.

I want to join the Welcome Reception. How do I join?

Click on the Zoom button on the Day 1 Welcome Reception schedule to join the Welcome Reception.

Can I turn on my microphone or video during the training?

No, in this Zoom webinar, attendees cannot turn on their video or audio.


How do I interact with the panel or other attendees?

To ask questions to the panelists, use the Q&A feature found on the Zoom toolbar.


Reserve the Chat feature, also found on the Zoom toolbar, for technology related questions or general comments. When using Chat, you can send messages to "All Panelists" or "Panelists and Attendees" by toggling between the two options.


I am having trouble with Zoom functionality, who can I contact for help?

Direct questions to the Zoom Chat or MSU IT at (517) 432-9292. We will get back with you as soon as we can.


What is TICA and what is the ILPC?

Learn about the hosts here.

Who created the art featured on this website and the conference material?

Learn more about the artist here.

Who performed at the conference Reception?

Learn more about Mike Bone Media here.

What gifts were used for the door prizes?
  • Check the Participant Portal for details. 

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