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Conference Information and Materials

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Recordings will be made available on this page as soon as possible.


Art and Door Prizes

"I Will Show You the Stars," 2020 Conference Art

Emily "Latayat" Courtney (Confederate Tribes of Warm Springs)

Planet Alaska

Theobroma Alaska Moka Bar, Tlingit Facemask (Inuit artist)

Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre

Treasure of our Ancestors Blanket

Tammy Beauvais

Graphic tshirt (Mohawk)

Eighth Generation

Internal Affairs Mini-Print (Nooksack artist)

JG Indie

red saní floral scarf, ghost bead necklace (Diné)

Birchbark Books

giftcard (Louise Erdrich Owner -- Turtle Mountain Chippewa)

From Log to Basket

Black ash basket (Bay Mills Indian Community)

Native Harvest

Coffees (Ojibwe)

Séka Hills

Gift basket-wildflower honey, olive oil, almonds (Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation)

Sakari Botanicals

smoked piñon pine salt, smoked poblano powder, relief tea, sweetgrass sugar scrub (Valdez Native Tribe)

Bedré Chocolates

Oklahoma Gift Basket (Chickasaw)

Forrest Titla 12x24 Painting

"Tri-nary Beings – Human, Aliens, Spirits" (San Ildefonso/Acoma)

Speaker Presentations

If there is no presentation linked, there is no presentation available at this time.

November 10, 2020


1-2:30pm ET (1.5 CLE)
Panel 1: COVID-19 Related Litigation  


3-4:30pm ET (1.5 CLE)
Panel 2: Child Welfare and Social Services
  • Whitney Gravelle, In-House Counsel and Attorney, Bay Mills Indian Community

  • Shayne Machen, State Manager of ICWA/MIFPA Compliance and Race Equity, Children’s Service Agency, MDHHS

  • Delia Sharpe, Founding Executive Director, California Tribal Families Coalition

November 12, 2020


1-2:30pm ET (1.5 CLE)
Panel 3: Quarantine Issues and Their Enforcement

3-4:30pm ET (1.5 CLE)
Panel 4: Oral Arguments Remotely, What Could Go Wrong?!
  • Natalie Landreth, Native American Rights Fund

  • Nikki Ducheneaux, Partner, Big Fire Law and Policy Group, LLP

  • Paul Spruhan, Assistant Attorney General, Litigation Unit, Navajo Department of Justice

November 13, 2020


1-2:30pm ET (1.5 Elimination of Bias CLE)
Panel 5: Voting Rights and The 2020 Election


  • Katherine Belzowski, Navajo Nation Department of Justice

  • Patty Ferguson-Bohnee, ASU Law School & Sacks Tierney

  • Natalie Landreth, Native American Rights Fund


3-4:30pm ET (1.5 CLE)
Panel 6: The McGirt Decision


  • Riyaz Kanji, Partner, Katzen & Kanji P.L.L.C.

  • Dylan Hedden-Nicely, Director, Native American Law Program, University of Idaho College of Law

  • Sara Hill, Attorney General, Cherokee Nation

Welcome Reception

November 10, 4:45-5:45pm ET

Tanaya Winder

Song performed: Thanks For Loving Me 

Twitter/Instagram: @tanayawinder  


Books, Music 

Gunner Jules

Song performed: Energies

Instagram: gunner.jules

Twitter: @gunner_jules

On all music platforms: Gunner Jules

Lyla June

Song performed: All Nations Rise

Instagram: @lylajune


Jessa Calderon

Song performed: Injustice

IG: Jessa_songwriter1

twitter: @theelovelyjessa

On all music platforms: Jessa Calderon


Miigwetch! Ahéheeʼ! Thank you!

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